Locs Of LuXey Mag Lash Kit

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These High Quality Magnetic Lashes are a game changer! You simply put on the Magnetic eyeliner, let it dry and place Your Lashes on the liner, Yes it is that Simple! Save Your Lashes, make your lashes Fuller & Longer instantly. Take away the time, mess, and damage to your lashes by using GLUE. Take away the trip to the Lash Bar every 3 weeks and save up for a vacation instead because these lashes Last for up to 6 months, they come ready for re application! What comes in My Mag-Lash Suit? This Mag Suit comes with 5 sets of lashes; from natural and classy to loud and flashy you can have it all. 1 Magnetic Eyeliner 1 Golden applicator tweezers 1 Eyelash brush Allergies Magnetic eyeliner is Nickel free, hypoallergenic and safe for application