1. First and foremost We Highly recommend:

Wash and Condition Your Hair Extensions BEFORE you Install Them.

We ship the hair directly to you already cleaned;

 It is shipped via mail .

When hair is cut from the donors head it automatically stops receiving the moisture received from the donor.

You Will Enjoy Your Hair Much More 

Your Hair Will Last Longer With This Simple First Step.

2. Shampoo & Condition your hair like it is Your Own.

(Because it is😁 Be sure to rinse with cool water.

to seal the moisture into the hair.)

3.Dry hair as normal:

Less heat is always better so air dry if possible but it is not necessary.



**We Recommend using Color-safe. Sulfate-free, phosphate-free and paraben-free Moroccan oil Shampoo & Conditioner to keep your Hair High Class the Entire time you have them.

About Moroccan Oil Shampoo

Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil, reconstructive keratin and fatty acids, this moisturizing shampoo adds moisture and shine and Leaves Your Locs Of LuXey Silky and Luxurious with an Amazing Smell! One of the best things is they do not use damaging chemicals. Buy this Shampoo & Conditioner set straight from Amazon so you can purchase with peace of mind, get it delivered straight to your door, and read 1 of over a thousand reviews!



While your Locs Of LuXey Hair Extensions are installed:

1. Wash & Condition your hair extensions every week for the best results, Don't go longer than 2 weeks

*Remember this hair is no longer attached to the scalp so it is IMPORTANT to keep the hair moisturized.

2. Use finger tips to apply oil,we recommend lavender oil, directly to your scalp. Ladies, when I tell you this will feel like it's cleansing your mind, body, & soul! Do this as needed to keep your scalp moisturized. 

3. When it's time for bed apply some oil to your hairline for Protection, then cover with a Silk scarf or bonnet. It is best to do this nightly before bed.


Locs Of LuXey Hair Extensions will Last you up to 3 Years with proper care, so take care of them and You ;)