How will I look?

What Grade of Hair is Locs Of LuXey & How long will it last?

  • We Are a luxury Hair Company that uses 10A Grade Hair.
  • LX Virgin Hair Will last at least 3 Years with proper care.



How many bundles & inches do I need?

*For a full install most women need 3 bundles to complete look, but some prefer the look that 4 bundles give.

*The volume of the weft depends on the length of the hair. Usually anything from 14”-18” it is best to use 2 bundles, 20”-30” may require 3-4 bundles.

Below is a reference for you to view:

10’’ 12’’ = 1 x bundle
14’’- 18’’ = 2 x bundles
20’’- 30” = 3 to 4 x bundles



What color extension does Locs Of LuXey offer and can it be colored?


  • Our Sew-in Hair Bundles comes in colors 1 and 1b. 
  • Our Tape-in Extensions come in the colors shown in the color chart >>>>> 
  • Yes, LX Hair can be colored up to the highest level of blonde

What type of hair should I get?


Brazilian~ Coarser than Indian & Best for Curl or Wave

*Voluptuous bounce,Full body texture, Versatility, Soft,Dense,Durable

Indian Remy~ Dense & Best for Straight or Curl

*Airy, Light,Bouncy, Flowy, Effortless, Dense

Malaysian~ Fine & Best for Straight or Curl

*Luxurious feel, Shiny, Sleek, Holds Curls Flawlessly, Exotic