Why to go with Brazilian hair?

I want to give you some incite on Locs Of LuXey's curly Brazilian hair.

Things to know:

  • The curl pattern is a tight curl; they bounce right back with a little bit of water even after being straightened. 
  • This hair is definitely wash and go hair, just add some moisture and you are ready to walk out the door looking great.
  • Curly hair is high maintenance, you will have to take out the time to care for this hair especially at night. I recommend a silk bonnet/ silk pillow cases for sure! 
  • Two strand twists at bedtime are very helpful; keeps the curly from tangling and can give your curls a great look, be sure to add some leave in conditioner or moisturizer to the hair while as you twist.
  • You will need a leave in conditioner and co-washing the hair once a week goes a long way in maintaining this hair.

I had a great experience with this curly hair! It is soft, bouncy, sexy, and natural; no one knew that this hair did not actually grow out of my scalp.

When I wanted to have a more full look, I added less moisture. When I wanted the soft, sleek curls I added more moisture; yes it was that simple.

If you are looking for a new exotic look you found it!

Enjoy the rest of your day and take the time out to love YOU!!   ;)

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