All About the Eyelashes Extensions

Eyelashes are a very important part of our face. The more beautiful and warm the bridge will be, the more our personality will emerge and we will look beautiful. Every person's eyelashes are different from each other, some people have curly and some people have straight ones. So today we are going to talk about eyelashes.

Some people have naturally short eyelashes and if they prefer long eyelashes or doll hair then they use fake eyelashes. Today we are going to give you complete information about fake eyelashes.

I think it's really important to just try out different brands and to experiment because you never know what's changing in the market. It's always good to be up to date with the newest trends.

Here I am going to tell you about some of the best brands of eyelashes that I have used myself.

it's really good to be in all these different types of lashes.

1. Sugar Lash Pro

Sugar lash pro is so consistent and it is my go-to brand to give you guys some

context I mostly do volume lash sets so I usually buy point O fives and I

normally tend to buy D curls from 11 to 14 millimeter. Now sugar lash

Pro has a line called fake mink and with fake mink. it's supposed to be a very

Natural look so it's supposed to be more matte sure galosh Pro definitely hits

the mark with that their lashes are very very matte and just when you first open

the fake me glass tray you can tell how matte it is there's no shine to it and on top of that it's really really black it's the blackest of black.

At all their lashes are really easy to pull off the lash strip with your

tweezers never stick together at the end there are no weird crimps 

it always holds its curl, it doesn't turn outward.

Sugar lash Pro is definitely on the more expensive side; it's $20 for one lash tray.

2. Kami Winn Lashes

guys is kami Winn lashes now just a little bit of a backstory kami wind

started off a company called Meraki lashes with another co-founder.  guys might have heard my rocky lashes they're very very popular in the lash industry and their quality was really good.

when you're placing it in your lash cart i'll show face up and

you don't have to scrummage around looking for the lash tray the last trend

is a really great bang for your buck. 

I'm lashing and using it it's very consistent it doesn't clump there are

times where I do feel like some days some lines will clump a little bit

than others but with that I'll just brush it out and it'll be fine.

3. Bava Lash

Bava lash is a brand that you can actually find on Amazon. I remember buying them a bunch when I was first starting off to practice with vaudeville ah I've only used their classic lashes.

I really like their ellipse flat lashes for classic lashes and for hybrids.

Now with their ellipse, what makes it a little bit different and unique is that instead of a classic lash which has a round base, this one has a flat base.

so it easily sits on top of the lash now for the lashes itself it does have a more plasticky feel to it it looks a little bit fake and I was a little bit afraid to use it on the client but my client absolutely loved these lashes it's very very curly I want to say it's two curls above then it should normally be so when I'm using a C curl it ends up looking like a D curl.

and a cc'd curl it ends up looking like a DD curl this is definitely my go-to lash when it comes to classic lashes and I was honestly very surprised because this is just something you could find on Amazon but that's pretty awesome in itself.

when I'm looking to lash faster and pick up speed this is my go-to brand their

lashes are pretty well price its $15 for each lash tray which is what I would

normally expect but what I love about this company is that they have over like

20 types of choices of lashes they have all types of curls all the types of

links all types of diameters and they have probably some of the longest in the

industry out there the last thing I wanted to share with you guys is from my last trainer.

so my trainer's name is Nikki. She's based in Orange County in California and she started off her own brand called lash with Nikki lashes. Now personally I love her lashes because just like I love laughs her lashes fan out just like butter.

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